Clinic 22-SAT: Splitboarding (Saturday)


This Introduction to Splitboarding clinic offers experienced snowboarders some insights into various techniques how to perform in steep environments. This includes how to learn the right techniques of skinning up alpine terrains by using kick turns as well as snowboarding and abseil down steep snowy terrain.
You will practice to choose the right moment to put on/remove your splitboard and use crampons on a steep slope. You will learn how to make an anchor in mixed terrain, how to make a ski belay and how to pass steep rock or ice sections.

Requirements: Ability to snowboard 35 degree and steeper terrain, knowledge on avalanche safety as well as experience in technical mountaineering. Ability to snowboard and hike for 4 to 6 hours.

Duration: full day.

Meeting point/time: 08:00 am at Alpine Village in the town center of Chamonix

Location: Aiguille du Midi.

Client-Guide-Ratio: 3:1.

Additional cost: depending on location.


basic mountaineering equipment+ crampons, harness, helmet, 1-2 ice axe, a sling (1.2 m) and screw-gate karabiners, belay device. Splitboard, Ski poles, Skins, ski crampons, avalanche device, shovel, probe. Bring your own equipment so that you can practice with what you normally use.

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