Clinic 19-SUN: LYOFOOD Big Wall Climbing (Sunday)


This Big Wall clinic is an introduction into learning different techniques for climbing long routes involving the use of portaledges. This focuses on hauling techniques, how to jumar up a rope, and general technical differences to classic multi pitch routes. Security is the most important issue here.

Topics will include: technical climbs with two etriers, how to place cams and nuts how to use sky hooks, crag hooks, placements of pitons, make traverses in long stretches, build a belay, abseil and how to leave a big wall.

Requirements: Advanced mountaineering skills, ability to climb 4 to 6 hours, no fear of heights. Indoor climbing experience up to 6b.

Duration: full day.

Meeting point/time: 7:30 am at Alpine Village in the town center of Chamonix

Location: to be defined.

Client-Guide-Ratio: 3:1.

Additional cost: depending on location.


basic mountaineering equipment + crampons, harness, helmet, ice axe, a sling (1.2 m) and a screw-gate karabiner, belay device. Bring your own equipment so that you can practice with what you normally use.

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