Clinic 15-SAT: Improvised rescue for climbing (Saturday)


Got stuck on a route? This is a rock rescue course, which also applies to alpine climbs. As a climber, you need to be self-sufficient  and prepared to improvise rescue scenarios.

You will learn how to prepare for rescue situations, escape the climbing system, perform raises, lowers and self rescue. We will also cover rope ascending techniques, reversing certain belay methods, and safe decision making. We will also discuss the implications of carrying out a rescue in technical terrain.

Requirements: Indoor or outdoor rock climbing experience. Level of climbing: 5c minimum.

Duration: full day

Meeting point/time: 08:00 pm at Alpine Village in the town center of Chamonix

Location: Les Gaillands

Client-Guide-Ratio: 6:1

Additional cost: no lift ticket needed


Basic mountaineering equipment + rock shoes, harness, helmet, a sling (1.2 m), a screw-gate karabiner, belay device. Bring your own equipment so that you can practice with what you normally use

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