Clinic 11-SAT: Trad Climbing (Saturday)


This “traditional” Alpine Climbing clinic offers experienced climbers some insights into what we also call “Trad Climbing”, where there is no need of clipping bolts.
You will learn and deepen your knowledge about how to place gear, make belays in various terrains, use of modern safety tools and climbing techniques. Learn from the experts!

Requirements: Basic mountaineering skills or have completed a mountaineering education course, ability to climb 4 to 6 hours, no fear of heights. Indoor climbing experience up to 6a.

Duration: full day

Meeting point/time: 08:30am at Alpine Village in the town center of Chamonix

Location: to be defined

Client-Guide-Ratio: 3:1

Additional cost: depending on conditions


basic mountaineering equipment + crampons, harness, helmet, ice axe, a sling (1.2 m) and a screw-gate karabiner, belay device. Bring your own equipment so that you can practice with what you normally use.

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