Clinic 16-SUN: Grade 7A+ Rock Climbing Techniques (Sunday)


7A+ is a workshop designed to improve your sport climbing technique. Climbing involves a variety of moves (heel hooks, drop knees, cross thoughs, roof climbing) to be executed in complex combinations.

The experts will help you develop a greater move repertory and deepen your understanding of climbing.

Requirements: Outdoor rock climbing experience. Level of climbing: 6c or 7- minimum.

Meeting point/time: 8:30 am at Alpine Village in the town center of Chamonix

Location: Depending on conditions

Client-Guide-Ratio: 6:1

Additional costs: Depending on location (Will be decided by your guide and conditions)


Basic mountaineering equipment + rock shoes, harness, helmet, a sling (1.2 m), a screw-gate karabiner, belay device. Bring your own equipment so that you can practice with what you normally use.

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